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Why Certified Organic?

Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or additives.
The Certified label means no synthetic pesticides, hormones or antibiotics in the food and therefore in any personal care products made from organic foods.
Organic foods contain no artificial flavors or preservatives.
The Certified label means no synthetic colors, flavors and no irradiated or genetically-altered or engineered ingredients.
Certified organic food and now personal care products are nutrient-rich and chemical-free.
Organic farming helps protect and nurture the environment.
Organic farmers use natural and innovative methods to reduce impact on the environment. These include soil-building activities, crop rotation, use of certified organic feed and the humane treatment of animals (those raised for eating and those raised for by-products such as honey or eggs).

Certified organic is better for you, your family and our environment!

We are committed to providing products containing absolutely no synthetic chemicals or alcohols for today's health-conscious individuals and those concerned about the environment.
Our products are the world's first internationally Certified Organic range of skin, hair, personal care and cosmetic products. They contain 100% beneficial, cold-processed, nourishing ingredients, such as organic aloe vera, nut and seed butters, flower and plant extracts, fruit and vegetables and essential oils.
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