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Business Opportunities

Health Care Practitioner or Beauty Professional:

Join as an Independent Representative for discounts of 10-40% off retail for you and your family and for resale to friends, clients, patients and colleagues. Your clients/patients can also buy online from your ONE Group site. You can build a residual income business. Joining fee of $60 USD includes website, training, customer service, free shipping on most orders, the right to build a business and a donation to the David Suzuki Foundation, an environmental research and education organization. I highly recommend a 'Fast Start pack' at 30% off. Ask for details!

Independent Representative:

For a U.S. $60 administration fee, you can take advantage of discounts starting at 20% off retail with a monthly order -- create a multi-channel enterprise as an Independent Representative! Full training, support and self-replicating website provided for a full or part-time home-based business in the Certified Organic industry! Worldwide seamless sponsoring of representatives and customers. Retail and Fundraising open in select countries. I highly recommend a 'Fast Start pack' at 30% off. Ask for details!

Retailers and Salons/Spas

Please contact me for more details.

Questions? Please call or e-mail directly:

Ms. Ronit Rosen
Independent Executive Representative
ONE Group ®

Educating for non-toxic and organic choices


Toll-free from the US and Canada: 1-877-465-4836
Local phone or for international calls: 301-928-0212

"I adore this company with an absolute passion! I have only been working (well having fun actually) with my new business since May 2003 and I am already ahead of my goals. Because ONE Group is ahead of the wave with its innovative products and compensation plan, people are seeing the potential and wanting to help spread the message with great excitement. The founders of the company have the highest integrity and the products are nothing short of brilliant. The creative reward system is quite different from the old paradigm of network marketing, and allows almost anyone to move into a high-income bracket within a realistic time frame. Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, make his or her fortune and have plenty of time to enjoy life to the fullest. With ONE Group, not only can you do all that, but you can make an enormous difference to the planet by educating and introducing people to a healthier way of life. I look forward to getting up each day as I have a fulfilling purpose in helping people to rid their lives of chemical rubbish, become healthier and earn money at the same time. Awesome!"
Wendy B., Executive

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