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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not see your question answered here, please Contact Us with your question, comment or for more information.

  1. Where should I start for skin care?
    The best way to try these luxurious and effective Certified Organic products is to decide which skin profile or profiles you have and then mix and match products for your needs. (You will see these skin profiles described in detail under Skin Care in our Products section.)

    In general, Balancing range is for normal to combination skin, Rejuvenating is for mature or dry skin, Purifying is for oily, acne-prone skin and Soothing is for sensitive skin.

    The three basic products you should consider are the Cleanser, Skin Conditioner (a pre-moisturizer) and Moisturizer.

  2. What should I do for adult acne?
    First, determine if you have oily skin or just occasional small outbreaks of acne. If you have normal to oily skin, try the Balancing line with the Purifying Mask and Soothing or Balancing Moisturizer. If you have oily skin, try the Purifying line. Avoid exfoliating breakout regions as that may spread the acne bacteria.

    Second, the MASKS are excellent in keeping acne in control - try the Balancing, Purifying or Soothing mask. You may use it as often as once a week or once a day to keep acne in check. The Acne Blemish Control Gel is also helpful on specific acne areas.

  3. I have some dry patches but mostly regular to T-zone oily skin. What should I do?
    During certain times of year, many of us develop dry areas due to air conditioning, artificial heating systems or just winter or windy weather conditions. Sometimes the harsh chlorinated water contributes to dryness (this can be partially avoided with inexpensive showerhead filters). In addition to your Skin Conditioner and Moisturizer, try the amazing SERUMS such as essential oil-rich Rejuvenessence Serum. It goes on as an essential oil and is absorbed quickly to leave a luscious feeling and clears up dry areas within one to two days!

  4. What do you recommend for eczema or other chronic skin conditions?
    The first thing to understand is most holistic health professionals agree that conditions like eczema are internal toxins trying to get out for some reason, they come through the skin. The amazing In-Liven ® is your first step, to flush out toxins and restore healthy flora and fauna in your insides. Since this is a food, it is safe for babies and children as long as they are eating solid foods. (Read more about In-LivenTM)

    All of the products are safe and gentle and can be used for most skin conditions. In many cases, we have received testimonials stating marked improvement for eczema, acne, rosacea, redness, dry skin and reducing signs of aging. If you have questions about your specific case, please Contact Us for a free consultation.

  5. What body products can help with dry skin on elbows, legs or other areas?
    The incredibly delicious Intensive Body Cream is an all-over lotion designed for everyone. It is gentle, yet potent in moisturizing and healing the skin. The Sunshower Bodywash promotes smooth and moisturized skin; apply a small amount on a washcloth or just splash on your body. May be used as a safe alternative for children's bubble bath and babywash products.

  6. There are some ingredients I don't recognize in your products. What are the following:
    a. Coco polyglucose is currently found in our shampoos and the SunShower Bodywash. It is a foaming agent made from coconut and glucose from corn. This ingredient is mild, in harmony with the skin and bio-degradable. It is non-ionic, contains no preservatives, is not toxicological and is free of ethylene oxide (which can cause nitrosamine contamination). It is very good, however, we will do better. We are working on replacing it with a certified organic 'foaming agent' of similar functionality. Rest assured that as soon as we have a certified organic replacement that works, we will introduce it.

    b. Non-GMO xanthum gum is found in some products. It is a natural thickening agent made from vegetable sources; it is a by-product of bacteria and can therefore not be counted towards the agricultural ingredients for organic certification.

    c. Yucca extract is used in the facial cleansers. It is a plant found in North America and historically used by Native Americans as a mild saponin or cleaning agent. Yucca gently clings to dirt so debris can be washed away with water. It also helps regenerate skin cells.

  7. Interesting facts:
    • The Shine Conditioner is 92% organic!
    • Packaging currently includes recyclable glass and plastic, with all plastics made of the highest food grade (PET), with the least leaching and no issues with dioxins. The company is researching other options for even more eco-friendly plastics.
    • The products do not need to be 'pH balanced' because only products with chemicals (which are highly acidic) need to be pH balanced. Our formulas are made from herbal plant extracts and are naturally mildly acidic, in harmony with the skin.
    • The Translucent Foundation is made with zinc oxide, an inert, stable rock that doesn't get affected by UV rays. It is not like titanium dioxide that degrades in UV rays into free radicals. It is a natural sun reflector that doesn't get absorbed into the skin like other chemicals.
    • Every ingredient in each product is there for a reason, to help heal, protect, moisturize, sooth and nourish skin, hair and body. That is what we mean by 100% beneficial.
  8. I'm vegan. Do you have to use beeswax in the Jaffa Lip Balm?
    For now, we use certified organic beeswax in our lip balm and lip and shimmer cremes. While there are vegetable waxes that could quite adequately do the job, none are available in certified organic form. So, unfortunately, we cannot do without it with our present requirements of being certified organic.

    Some people claim that all honey/beeswax production is cruel. Yes, conventional beekeeping IS cruel. There is a vast difference between conventional "mass-production" beekeeping and organic beekeeping.

    Conventional beekeeping can involve:

    • artificial feeding regimes
    • feeding of artificial pollen substitutes and white sugar syrup
    • drug and pesticide treatment
    • genetic manipulation
    • artificial insemination
    • transportation (by air, rail, road) resulting in stress, suffocation, overheating or freezing of bees
    • wing clipping and use of artificial pheromones to prevent queen bee from flying off
    • synthetic pesticides and antibiotics to combat pests

    Our apiarist's method of loving and natural beekeeping can be described as follows: "Our bees gather honey from nearby organic eucalyptus forests. As honey is the bees' food, we only take surplus honey. We leave as much as we can to keep our bees happy and healthy. The wax is the protective cap of the hives, which keeps the honey nice and fresh. When we harvest, we take the wax cap off the hive, pull out the comb and drain off the excess. The bees are not hurt in any way. The comb is then put back in the hive." As you can see, there is no cruelty or artificial manipulation involved. Organic agriculture is a better way of doing things and we wish to support those farmers who are doing the right thing for our planet.



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