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A Real Choice

You have a REAL choice. You and your family and friends can NOW AVOID synthetic chemicals and synthetic alcohols in skin, hair, personal care and cosmetics products.
The In-Liven ® vegan pro-biotic super food is also certified organic!

The only way to ensure your skin care, hair care, cosmetics and personal care items are truly natural, chemical-free and made from non-GE ingredients is to look for Certified Organic products that carry an independent third party guarantee of purity.

One Group's® luxurious, effective and non-toxic products are the World's first food-grade certified organic skin and personal care products. Currently produced in Australia, they are certified under the strict guidelines of the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is Australia's largest certifying agency.

Products are also registered as pure with the Biological Farmers Association (BFA, Australia) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

From the seed and harvest to the manufacture, storage and transport, we adhere to Organic Certification Standards.

Our nutrient-rich, cold-processed products are made with ORGANIC plant and herbal extracts, flowers, nut and seed butters, aloe vera, jojoba, pure essential oils, fruits and vegetables and other pure and natural ingredients. There are no synthetic alcohols either! Every ingredient is in a specific formula for a beneficial reason - that's what we mean by 100% beneficial ingredients.

The health benefits of using NON-TOXIC & CHEMICAL-FREE products are huge -- not just for you, your family and friends but for our environment and future generations.

Now available in almost every country.

* Under the USDA National Organic Program food rules, only ingredients that can be grown in agriculture can be counted as part of the organic ingredients for certification. Some of our products, such as the non-flouride toothpastes or facial masks, contain natural items like baking soda or different colored clays from the earth. These products are all labeled Organic, and contain at least 70% agriculturally-grown organic content. All other products labeled Certified Organic contain 95% or more certified organic ingredients. There are strict rules on the remaining 5% to 30% which include no chemicals or genetically engineered (GE) altered ingredients, among other regulations. The ultra purified water is not counted towards organic content and organic aloe vera is the first ingredient in most products.

Why should I be concerned if there are chemicals in my skin and personal care products?

Certified Organic Products - Descriptions and Ingredients

Australian Certified Organic Logo. Link to Biological Farmers of Austrailia

Flowering Lemon Myrtle Plant
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Miessence ® Personal Care Products Brochure (PDF)
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