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Queensland Mum Narelle Chenery looks set to start a revolution -- not only in the natural skincare, beauty and cosmetic industry -- but in the Certified Organic industry! Narelle’s search for truly natural skincare and cosmetics began almost a decade ago. She discovered, through her own extensive research, that many of the so-called "natural" and "safe" synthetic chemical ingredients were actually toxic and potentially very dangerous to the long term health of anyone who uses them continuously on their skin for many years. Not finding any pure products on the market, she started to make her own, as a hobby on her kitchen table!
Since then, Narelle has developed the World's First Certified Organic range of skin care, along with hair care, bath & body and other products. Joining forces with co-founders, Alf Orpen and John Hunter, she has created a unique, effective and affordable range that is independently Certified Organic and contains absolutely no synthetic or even 'semi-natural' chemicals or alcohols.
To learn more about Narelle and the company, you are invited to watch and listen to a 5-minute audio/visual at: www.OptionsForHealth.net/opportunity.
If you are interested in seeing or ordering products or learning how to get discounts, please complete the appropriate form on this site and you will be immediately provided with a link to our ordering Website. Thank you!

Founder Narelle Chenery
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